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Who We Are

The Center for Survey Research BSC ESTEK is a research facility that was established in 1992. The Center conducts surveys and provides research services for private firms, international, state, and local government agencies, media, and nonprofit organizations.

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Business Research Center ESTEK is to provide research services to firms, academic and public policy researchers and to facilitate education for researchers. The BSC ESTEK staff adheres to the highest academic and government research standards and procedures. We are committed to using current technology to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of our efforts as researchers. We practice and promote the highest ethical standards.

We strive to assure that all BSC ESTEK staff contributes to the research process, as all are essential in making a research project successful.

The Center provides the management, staff, and facilities required to conduct all phases of surveys. In these surveys, which may involve local, state, regional, national, targeted, or elite populations, the sample and study design are tailored to researchers’ needs. The Center staff assists researchers in formulating questions and designing questionnaires as needed. The expertise and experience of the Center staff are provided to researchers so that they need not be concerned with the day-to-day operations of the survey.

BSC ESTEK supports the non-governmental organization ERGOS and its projects concerning the disabled, socially disadvantaged and socially endangered people.